Voller Energy Starts Shipping New VE100 v3 Fuel Cell

May 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Voller Energy Group plc (UK), a manufacturer of portable fuel cells, reported that it has started shipments of the latest generation of its VE100 portable fuel cell. The company, whose products are used as battery chargers and mobile generators, said the VE100 is currently being shipped out to distribution partners around the world, including Germany, the US and Taiwan.

Voller said the new unit weighs 9 kg and delivers 230 V, the equivalent to the power produced from a plug in the wall. It is completely self contained and does not require an external battery to start the system.

Company President Boss Stephen Voller said, "The VE100 v3 fuel cell is now in its third generation. We believe that the VE100 v3 is the most sophisticated portable fuel cell on the market and look forward to updating shareholders in due course.