Victoria Homes to Use Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Shingles

February 26, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Victoria Homes has announced that PowerLight's SunTile™ solar electric systems, paired with ConSol's energy efficiency solutions, are to be standard features on hundreds of new homes being constructed by Victoria in Southern California. Through a combination of today's most advanced, energy-efficient design features with on-site solar power, these homes are designed to produce more than half of the electricity that they use. As a result, buyers of these homes built by Victoria Homes will see annual utility savings of up to 70%.

"Victoria Homes is pleased to partner with PowerLight and ConSol to incorporate solar power and state-of-the-art energy design techniques as key features in our beautiful new communities in Victorville and surrounding areas," said Paul R. Osborne, Founder and President of Victoria Homes. "These state of the art homes are specifically designed to help our homeowners save energy and make energy. Given today's rising energy costs and our nation's quest for energy independence, we feel this is an essential next step to take for our growing communities."

"We're excited to be making Victoria Homes even more attractive to prospective buyers by incorporating solar power, green design and other energy efficiency technologies," added Osborne. "It is not only the right move for our environment, but also lowers the cost of homeownership. Victoria Homes is 100% behind Governor Schwarzenegger's support of solar on new homes in California."

PowerLight's SunTile roof-integrated solar systems are claimed to be the most efficient and advanced residential solar product on the market today. SunTile solar panels, which incorporate SunPower Corp.'s innovative solar cells, seamlessly interlock with roof tiles and shingles, blending into the home's roofline.

"Harnessing California's abundant sunlight by outfitting new residences with solar power will generate clean, reliable, emissions-free energy," noted CEC Commissioner Jackalyne Pfannenstiel. "The combination of solar power and energy efficiency on new homes will help California meets its growing energy needs and reduce our dependence on imported resources."