Vicor Intros the VDAC System

June 21, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Vicor Corp. (Andover, MA) announced an online design-entry system that will cut weeks off the delivery times for custom power-supply modules. The company believes the design system changes the tempo of custom dc/dc converter design.The web-based system called Vicor Design Assistance Computer (VDAC), enables users to specify and verify in real-time the performance and attributes of "custom" dc/dc converter modules. The design parameters include electrical specifications, such as input voltage range, output voltage set point, output power and operating temperature and mechanical attributes, such as package size, baseplate style and pinouts. The system will verify whether the specified device is manufacturable, suggesting alternatives optimized for particular specifications, and will download the optimized design directly into Vicor's computer-integrated manufacturing system.The report will include all valid, manufacturable designs which meet the specifications. The optimum design includes a bill of materials, test plans and work instructions for Vicor's automated manufacturing lines.Prototype quantities of new designs are typically delivered in less than six weeks.