Valence Announces New Purchase Orders for Lithium Polymer Batteries

June 24, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Valence Technology Inc. (Henderson, NV) reported it has received new purchase orders for lithium polymer batteries. The orders total 50,000 meters, or more than 30 miles, of proprietary anode, cathode and separator material. The company also delivered its second major shipment of lithium polymer battery components to its joint partner, Hanil Valence Co. (Seoul, Korea). The Korean order is the largest Valence has filled from its Northern Ireland facility to date. Hanil Valence plans to use the material to complete the setup of its facility in Korea and to manufacture rechargeable batteries similar to Valence's standard 65 series (measuring 65 x 36 mm). Valence's lithium polymer battery, still under development, has the potential to provide up to 40 percent more energy density than traditional lithium-ion batteries, according to the firm. "This order represents an expansion of our efforts to introduce Valence's unique lithium polymer battery technology into the Korean market," said Hanil Valence Executive VP J.T. Kim. "We expect to make significant inroads due to the advantages that these batteries will bring to our telecommunications customers."