Turntide Technologies Acquires AVID Technology to Enhance Electrification Capabilities

August 06, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Turntide Technologies announces its acquisition of AVID Technology and plans to bring sustainable electrification to commercial and industrial vehicles.

Turntide Technologies Inc. (Turntide) is a private American company that develops smart electric motor systems that incorporate a switched reluctance motor and sophisticated software to boost energy efficiency. Turntide motors have complete variable speed control, which provides Turntide customers with the ability to use any motor speed while conserving electricity. Recently, the company announced that it had acquired the UK-based, cleantech engineering firm, AVID Technology Limited (AVID).

AVID designs and develops electrified powertrain technology for heavy-duty and high-performance electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). Turntide intends to combine its technology with AVID’s to generate products that can be used to electrify commercial and industrial vehicles.

Turntide’s Smart Motor System. Image used courtesy of Turntide


AVID Technology

AVID’s powertrain technology includes components such as electric pumps and fans, traction motors, and power electronics. These components have been designed to be used for trucks, construction machinery, heavy-duty buses, off-highway machinery, and propulsion robotics. The company’s three competencies include high-efficiency electronics, high power density motors, and thermofluids integration. Concerning the acquisition, AVID Technology can also offer up its expertise in system integration and control.


The Drive Toward Net Zero

A month before Turntide’s acquisition of AVID, the company was busying itself with launching its transport division. At this time, Turntide acquired Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd. and the engineering technical center of BorgWarner Gateshead Limited. With all acquisitions taken together, Turntide aims to electrify with industrial and commercial transport sector with sustainable and efficient solutions.

In a press release from last month, the Chairman and CEO of Turntide, Ryan Morris, commented: “While automakers are making strides to reduce carbon with electric passenger cars, the most difficult sectors to decarbonize, such as commercial and industrial vehicles in rail, marine, and aerospace, are far behind.” Morris added: “The AVID acquisition completes our end-to-end offering for the electrification of commercial and industrial vehicles. This puts us on a path to eliminate the need for rare earth magnets in EVs as we further develop our motor technology for the transport market.”

Image used courtesy of AVID

In the same press release, OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) and Managing Director of Turntide Transport, Matt Boyle, said: “This deal is part of Turntide’s multi-year investment in the North East of England known for its decades of innovation in the electrification industry.” Boyle added: “Combining AVID’s technology with the Smart Motor System will allow Turntide to simplify and smooth a path to sustainable transport.”

Turntide’s motor technology does not use the environmentally damaging rare earth minerals that some other high-efficiency permanent magnet motors use. As the demand for EVs increases so does the demand for such materials. Turntide’s technology may help to reduce the environmental impact caused by using and sourcing rare earth minerals, as well as avoid potential shortages.