TT Electronics Signs Exclusive Sales Agreement with Protek Power

June 12, 2019 by Scott McMahan

TT Electronics announced an exclusive sales agreement with Protek Power, that is intended to further enhance their ability to deliver design, integrate, and assemble power solutions to meet international standards. TT says that the agreement will also enable a smarter supply chain and reduce time to market for its customers.

Protek Power, an FSP Group company, specializes in ac-dc power supplies. Its products target medical and commercial grade power supply conversion applications.

Since 1984, Protek has built a solid reputation in the industry for quality designed and manufactured products at competitive prices, with an emphasis on individualized engineering and customer support, TT noted.

TT says that its partnership with Protek Power is an exciting opportunity for both global companies to build on their combined capabilities.

"TT Electronics has recently been awarded exclusive rights to sell and market the Protek Power brand of Medical and Industrial ac-dc power supplies in the North American and UK markets. The Protek brand is well known and respected in the Medical Power industry since 1996, and the Industrial Power industry since 1985," Frank Rene, Managing Director of Power Partners Inc., acquired by TT Electronics in March, said.

"This new agreement will align TT Electronics' sales organizations more closely with Protek R&D and manufacturing in order to grow sales with current products as well as define future product platforms developed for the group as well. We are looking forward to a bright future with an enhanced focus on the Protek Brand of power supplies," he added.

TT Electronics says that over more than 50 years it has built an impressive track record of supplying and custom-developing power supplies for challenging markets and applications, and the company says it is excited about its bright future working with Protek Power.