Truechip Collaborates with Gowin Semi for Verification of USB Type C & PD

June 25, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist and Gowin Semiconductor Corp., the world's leading non-volatile-technology programmable logic device provider, today announced sign-off verification success for Gowin's USB Type C and PD IP using Truechip VIP.

Jim Gao, Sr. Manager, Project Management & IP Development, said, "Truechip's USB Type C & PD VIP has helped us to verify Gowin's USB Type C and PD IP in a sophisticated verification environment in addition to hardware tester."

He added, "It is a successful collaboration for Gowin and Truechip to join efforts on today's system on chip level IP design that involves comprehensive verification IP. We have mutually utilized company's unique expertise towards the common goal of customer success.

“I appreciate Truechip's support team as they are not only very prompt in responding and providing solutions but also understand our queries and requirements quickly. We are looking forward to more in-depth cooperation in future,” Gao concluded.

Nitin Kishore, CEO, Truechip, said, "USB Type C standard provides a universal, reversible and a small connector for multiple standards (using alternate modes) like HDMI, Display port, etc., whereas USB PD allows for larger power (up to 100W) available based on sink's requirements thus allowing the same connector to support multiple devices."

Kishore added, "Todays complex designs require advanced verification tools that deliver automation, faster turnaround times and quicker tape outs. Our VIP includes TruEYE™ , a unique GUI platform, which accelerates debug, by enabling transaction level debugging, for producing high-performance, cost-effective and faster designs. We look forward to continue working with GOWIN on other standards."