Superlattice Power Producing High Purity Nano Cathode Materials In Industrial Scale For Use In EVs

September 08, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Superlattice Power, Inc. announced that its North Carolina production facility has successfully produced 200kg of high purity, new nano cathode material. The company states that its latest accomplishment with an innovative high purity cathode material is ready to be used in a battery manufacturing facility for the use in electric vehicles. The battery, which was produced using new cathode material, will have wide voltage range from 4.2 to 2V per unit cell.

Superlattice Power states that it is now devoted to the development and large scale production of Cobalt free cathode material with superlattice structure for a high voltage application using a new electrolyte capable to withstand voltage beyond 5V.

The company states that Dr. Surajit Sengupta and Dr. Vishal Mahajan have taken a leading role to perform research with a Fortune 500 electronics and telecommunication company to develop prototype cells with high energy density.