Stepper Motor Driver Evaluation Kit for Arduino Platform

December 05, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

ROHM's stepper motor driver IC evaluation kit (ROHM-STEPMO_EVK_20x) is a low-cost board enabling fast evaluation of ROHM stepper motor ICs and easy prototyping of real applications. The kit consists of a stackable "shield" for Arduino Uno board and a software Library to manage the stepper motor driver IC. The EVK can be used standalone providing power supply and appropriated input signals.

This EVK supports a variety of pin-compatible ROHM stepper motor driver ICs from standard, microstep, low voltage and high voltage families with CLK-IN (clock input) or PARA-IN (parallel input) control. They integrate pwm constant-current drive with adjustable decay ratio and the ability for full, half and microstepping. The ICs feature single supply operation by integrating the voltage regulator for the low power logic together with highly efficient DMOS output power stages.

Key specifications (across model versions): Supply voltage range of 8- to 42-Vdc; Maximum output current range of 1- to 2.5-A; Stepping modes include full-step, half-step, quarter-step and eighth-step; Designed as plug-in “shield” for Arduino platform; Recommended: Arduino Uno; 15 model variants covering wide range of pin- compatible stepper driver ICs; Support of bipolar or unipolar stepper motors; Adjustable current limit; Adjustable current decay mode; Single supply operation; Stackable design to allow controlling two motors at the same time; Reverse power supply protection; Software library for Arduino IDE; and Arduino example programs (Sketches)

Additional features include: External high voltage supply for the motor; Providing power to Arduino Uno board; Supporting many different stepper motor ICs; Stackable design to drive 2 motors; Hot-pluggable design that allows sensor boards to be hot swapped onto the sensor platform base board; Open source hardware and firmware including hardware CAD files and SW library and sketch files.