Shell Renewables to Supply Sun Oasis with Photovoltaic Systems for China

August 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Shell Renewables Ltd. (UK) has signed an agreement with the Sun Oasis Co. (China) to supply photovoltaic systems in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of western China. The project is supported by a grant of $15.0 million from the Dutch government, and is part of the Chinese Brightness Program to bring electricity to remote communities.

"This project demonstrates yet again that solar power is starting to provide a solution for some of the two-billion people in remote areas who have little chance of ever getting grid power," stated Philippe De Renzy-Martin, COO of Shell Solar. "It is a big potential market that with the right product packages, and support where necessary, is going to account for an increasing part of our solar business."

The Xinjiang project is Shell's first renewable-energy project in China. Shell will supply Sun Oasis with the photovoltaic systems, which Sun Oasis will then market, install and maintain.