Schaffner Intros Automotive Component Wall Chart

June 23, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Schaffner EMC Inc. (Edison, NJ) has published a new wall chart that covers key elements of automotive component testing. The chart includes a variety of diagrams, tables and ratio charts for RF emissions, direct RF power injection, bulk current injection, ESD and transients, as well as TEM cell and stripline testing.

The full-color, 40in x 28in wall chart also details the requirements for various types of immunity standards testing, including ESD, transient, radiated RF and conducted RF. The general requirements for a ground plane bench in a screened room are also listed on the chart.

The Schaffner automotive component testing wall chart also provides information on free field tests such as absorber lined chamber and parallel plate antenna, and covering common features such as frequency step size, dwell time and test procedure, temperature, and supply voltage. The chart also includes a table comparing the requirements of CISPR25 versus 95/54/EC testing.