PureSpectrum Files Patent Application for Lighting Circuitry Design

April 08, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

PureSpectrum, Inc. announced that it has filed a patent application for technology that the company claims could open new pathways to increased energy efficiency in the lighting industry. PureSpectrum engineers have designed circuitry that provides a pure soft switching environment during power conversion. The modified circuitry is claimed to reduce energy losses and eliminate voltage fluctuations during the transfer of power to the lamp, resulting in substantial gains in overall efficiency and performance for Compact Fluorescent Lighting and High Intensity Discharge Lighting.

The technology was imbedded into three CFL lamps currently on the market, a 27W Phillips Marathon 100, a 23W Sylvania Craft Light and a 26W GE Energy Smart 100. Internal testing conducted separately on each bulb at PureSpectrum’s engineering lab in North Carolina indicated that each bulb performed at least 20% more efficiently and demonstrated improvement in both Color Rendering Index and Kelvin temperature measurements using the soft switching PureSpectrum ballast. PureSpectrum expects to be ready to begin licensing the technology to manufacturers in May of 2007.

"According to our research, this technology for fluorescent or HID lighting currently does not exist in the marketplace," said PureSpectrum President and CEO Lee Vanatta. "Having this unique technology imbedded in lighting products could mean a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace for a manufacturer."