Power Technology Demonstrates Battery Prototypes

October 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Power Technology Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) announced that prototypes of the company's patented lead-acid batteries have been built and are currently undergoing testing procedures.

Two distinct types of batteries, "Motive" and "Telecom" are currently being produced. The initial 75Ah Motive power battery is smaller and lighter than a similar 75Ah battery built by Douglas Battery, according to Power Technology.

Lee Balak, president and CEO of Power Technology, stated, "Pound for pound, our new lead-acid battery is an exciting, evolutionary product. All of our prototypes are already earmarked for delivery to potential licensees and major users of batteries. These licensees include firms in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, North America, Dubai, China and the Philippines. When this program begins later this month, it will be the harbinger of numerous marketing opportunities for our company."