Panasonic MSE Helps with Codes and Standards

December 11, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Panasonic MSE Battery Business Unit (Secaucus, NJ) has committed itself to helping its telecom service provider customers through the design, installation and operation of their battery rooms to help them become acquainted with the federal, state and local codes and procedures that may apply to their facilities.

Panasonic has put together a comprehensive

service that simplifies the compliance process for its customers. First, the

unit created the Technical Applications Notes No. 3 document to help guide battery customers by providing them with the information they need to fill out forms for the Environmental Protection Agency. Second, the unit compiled Technical Application Notes No. 4, which outlines the regulations that apply to valve-regulated

lead-acid MSE batteries and describes the issues that customers must plan for in order to comply with the codes. Third, Charles Monahan, Panasonic's director of regulatory and environmental compliance, is available full-time to help customers remain in

compliance with federal, state and local battery regulations - and can help customers work with officials to streamline the regulatory approval process.

"Last year, Panasonic saw a real lack of widespread knowledge on battery regulation issues, and we launched an educational program to fulfill that need for our customers," said Monahan. "While our technical notes are not a substitute for contacting local officials or an attorney, they do provide a roadmap that helps companies avoid mistakes in battery room design and installation that can cost them thousands of dollars in redesign fees,

penalties or lost revenue."