Pacific Lithium Licenses Energy Venture's Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Technology

April 13, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Pacific Lithium Ltd. (Auckland, New Zealand) has exercised its option and has licensed Energy Ventures Inc.'s (Toronto, Ontario) lithium-ion battery cathode material technology. Pacific Lithium has exclusive license for the manufacture and sale of Energy Venture's lithium-ion cathode materials, and for the manufacture of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that use those materials. Pacific Lithium decided on the license in part because Energy Venture's cathode technology has one of the best energy densities available in the market today.

Pacific Lithium is also an accompanying party to Lithium Technology Corp. in a pending merger to enable Pacific Lithium to develop its materials-to-battery-cell integration capabilities and become a major force in the lithium-ion battery market.