NYC Transit Authority Approves Order for 200 Electric Buses

December 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York, NY) has approved an order for 200 hybrid-electric transit buses, worth $77.0 million. The buses will be purchased from Orion Bus Industries (Oriskany, NY) and the propulsion units will be manufactured by BAE Systems (Johnson City, NY).

“These buses will pay important health dividends by dramatically reducing bus emissions on the streets of New York, while helping provide good paying jobs upstate," said Governor George Pataki. “This order for 200 hybrid-electric buses is the largest order of its kind in North America. As New York leads the way with clean buses, we are hopeful that other transit agencies will follow, creating additional bid opportunities for New York State suppliers. Built in New York, by New Yorkers, these state-of-the-art vehicles will provide clean, efficient transportation for commuters who use the nation's largest transit system each day."