Metallic Power Demonstrates Backup Power Source

November 07, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Metallic Power Inc. (Carlsbad, CA) announced that it has successfully demonstrated prototypes of a new 2.5kW backup power source that provides hours of continuous power in a rack-mounted configuration. The technology is suitable for solutions ensuring high availability for a variety of telecommunications applications and other mission-critical systems.

“With this demonstration we have shown that our technology is especially suited for the demands of high-availability operations,” stated Jeffrey Colborn, president and CEO of Metallic Power. “For applications that must run continuously, we will be able to offer a compact, cost-effective alternative to huge banks of lead-acid batteries with high-maintenance requirements or engine generators with costly installation, permitting fuel-storage, emissions and noise issues.”

Private demonstrations were performed at the company’s Carlsbad facilities and involved powering a variety of electronic equipment, cooling systems and electrical test loads with both ac and dc voltage requirements for as long as five hours with the new rack-based prototypes. The tests included validation of the on-board regeneration capabilities that enable recycling of the high-energy-density zinc fuel. Optimized products will be able to provide as much as eight hours or more of backup power in a rack-mount configuration.

Metallic Power will continue system optimization and testing of the new backup power source during 2002. Customer prototype testing is slated to begin in early 2002 with an initial product launch planned for early 2003.