Maxwell Technologies Signs Agreement with Onemocall to Integrate Technology

May 11, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Maxwell Technologies Inc. (San Diego, CA) and Onemocall (Korea) have signed an agreement to integrate Onemocall's microgenerators and power-management circuits with Maxwell's PowerCache ultracapacitors. The companies hope to develop energy generation and storage systems to power cellular telephones, flashlights, toys, personal digital assistants and other hand-held devices that currently use rechargeable batteries.

Maxwell will take an equity stake in privately held Onemocall and supply several million ultracapacitors over the next 18 months for integration into Onemocall's microgenerator systems. The companies will also cross-train their respective sales forces and collaboratively market this unique combined energy solution to both companies' OEM customers.

Maxwell has already begun to receive high-volume purchase orders for PowerCache ultracapacitors. The energy-storage cells ordered now exceed $6.0 million and the company is at an advanced stage of the design.

Maxwell is on schedule to increase ultracapacitor production capacity to more than one-million cells per month by the beginning of next year.