Lockheed Martin Selects Autotest for MK 41 VLS Project

May 12, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Autotest Co. (San Antonio, TX) announced that Lockheed Martin’s (Bethesda, MD) Naval Electronics and Surveillance Systems (NE&SS) Marine Systems (Baltimore, MD) has selected Autotest to provide a series of multi-functional automated test equipment units for application with the MK 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS), a surface naval missile launcher utilized by 11 countries in 16 different ship classes.

The MK 41 VLS project involves the integration of military-critical tasks and codes with proven industry-standardized test scenarios. The multi-faceted project includes hardware interfaces and software application programming using Autotest’s Automated Program Generator for Windows software. Real-time control and display capabilities are utilized for testing, troubleshooting and characterization. Several MK 41 modules will be tested with the Autotest-developed equipment, including a cell-control module, a hazard-control module and the power-module tray assembly.

Autotest Vice President and CTO Robert Moyer said, "Autotest systems offer the inherent ability to test and evaluate all critical power outputs and quality-control parameters. Autotest’s APG for Windows features a very user-friendly interface for incorporating specific military applications and system requirements for the operation of the MK 41 VLS.”