Lithium-Manganese Grid Energy Storage Platform

May 27, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

NEC Energy Solutions has introduced its next-generation SLD technology, the latest addition to the energy storage technologies available on its GSS™ grid energy storage platform. The SLD energy storage technology will utilize lithium-ion cells based on NEC's lithium-manganese-oxide chemistry. The SLD technology, offered as complete turnkey systems as well as standalone dc racks and containers, will continue to maintain the high quality, reliability, safety, and energy density that make NEC Energy Solutions' grid energy storage products the most trusted in the industry. In addition, SLD will be priced at up to 30% lower than the company's existing storage solutions. Available for installation in Q1 2016, the SLD technology is now being offered by the company's worldwide sales team to its base of customers.

Expanding upon the energy storage technologies in NEC Energy Solution's portfolio, which already includes the HR technology for high power and the LD technology for long duration applications, the SLD technology is optimized for energy storage applications from one to four hours in duration. Each of these technologies is available as part of NEC Energy's GSS™ platform, which is a turnkey, AC energy storage solution complete with energy storage, power conversion, and NEC Energy's proprietary AEROS® energy control system.

Over 110 MW of these solutions have been installed around the world and have provided over 99% commercial availability, earning the trust of the company's customers and providing them attractive revenue streams. In addition, the DC energy storage systems are available to customers in standardized containers or as standalone energy storage racks at both 700V and 950V levels.

"With the introduction of our new SLD technology, we are able to increase the value of energy storage to enable applications like peak shifting, primary reserve, renewable integration, and peaking power," stated Bud Collins, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions. "We've been engineering and testing these systems for over a year," he continued, "to ensure they meet our highest standards for safety and reliability, necessary to deliver the performance and certifications our customers expect. Installed in container farms or buildings, these SLD systems will provide up to 140MWh of energy storage – with power conversion, controls, and thermal management systems – per acre of land."