Lineage Power Updates Customers, Partners and Suppliers on Effects of Japan Quake

March 24, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Craig Witsoe, President of Lineage Power, issued an open letter to the company’ customers, partners, and suppliers updating them on the status of the company’s operations in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

According to Witsoe:

"We have identified capacitor, diode, relay, resistor and transistor components used in Lineage Power telecom energy systems, ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc board mounted power products which are sourced from Japanese suppliers. Early feedback from these Japanese suppliers indicates that electricity disruptions and shift staffing shortages have reduced normal output capacity; and a few primary manufacturing facilities were damaged.

"While shipments of these electronics components to Lineage Power may slow down during the next 90 days, we are taking aggressive steps to procure as many of these electronics components as possible from global distribution sources while prioritizing existing orders with our Japanese suppliers. Our global sourcing team based in Asia is working closely with our North America sourcing team to work these issues around the clock continuously."