LG Chem and Eguana Partner on Home Battery System

April 21, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Eguana Technologies Inc. and LG Chem Ltd. have combined their technologies under a multi-year agreement to deliver a certified, fully integrated AC Battery for residential markets. The AC Battery provides a fully functional turn-key energy storage solution that only needs to be paired with any of the energy storage management systems currently coming to market for a broad range of applications. The AC Battery can be used to store electricity from solar and use it during evening hours, or can be used by fleet aggregators to provide utility grid management services including voltage control, frequency regulation, demand response and load balancing.

The engineering teams at LG Chem and Eguana have been working closely to integrate controls for the AC Battery which is expected to be available for commercial shipping early this summer. "LG Chem is a well-respected global brand with a leading position in battery energy storage deployment," said Michael Carten CEO of Eguana Technologies. "We are very excited to be partnering with LG Chem to bring our first AC Battery to North American markets."

Sunghoon Jang, Senior Vice President for LG Chem, said of the collaboration with Eguana, "Eguana Technologies is the market leading supplier for grid tied storage inverters in Europe with more than 4,000 units shipped within the last 18 months. Their technology leadership and product platform is proven with thousands of units deployed in the global market. This is why we chose Eguana as our system partner. We are going to strengthen the partnership with Eguana and put our best effort to stand up as the No.1 battery maker in the North American ESS market."

The AC Battery is a pre-integrated and fully certified energy storage system which requires only a grid connection and a dispatch signal to provide a fully functional and durable energy storage installation to the consumer. The AC Battery provides maximum flexibility for system aggregators which want to deploy it as part of new solar storage installations or as a retrofit to solar PV installations already in place.