IOTA Links Partners with STMicroelectronics to Accelerate IoT Technology Integration

July 24, 2019 by Scott McMahan

The IOTA Foundation, a not-for-profit organization offering a scalable, feeless and fully-decentralized distributed ledger technology, is working with STMicroelectronics. Together the companies intend to deliver a new level of powerful, seamless, and cost-effective access to IoT functionality.

The foundation of this cooperation is the integration of the IOTA Tangle, a fee-free, peer-to-peer technology solution, into ST's STM32Cube expansion software for the STM32 32-bit MCU ecosystem, the X-CUBE-IOTA1.

The relationship will provide IoT integration capabilities to the ST user community,  allowing the quick and easy creation and prototyping of new IoT solutions for single or multiple devices.

As part of this relationship, developers can work while enjoying the ability to develop systems, environments, products, and services with IOTA functionality and the power of the IOTA's Tangle distributed, highly scalable peer-to-peer network and feeless structure.

"By enabling IOTA functionalities via the X-CUBE-IOTA1 expansion software for STM32Cube software technology, developers can now easily include IOTA features and capabilities in their IoT devices and create valuable applications using the STM32 Open Development Environment, which combines the STM32 32-bit microcontroller family with other state-of-the-art ST components," said Alessandro Cremonesi, STMicroelectronics VP System Research and Application.

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According to IOTA, the IoT-enhanced solution will give key industries such as energy, logistics, and others, advanced performance capabilities in critical areas, including sensing, connectivity, power management, and audio. Developers using STM32 will be able to transmit, buy, and sell relevant data through embedded technologies such as Bluetooth® LE at low cost, with an easy, robust solution.

"With specialized hardware playing such an integral role in the Internet of Things market adoption, it is exciting to work with such partners as ST to enhance IoT's role as an innovation facilitator," said Holger Köther, Director of Partner Management, IOTA Foundation. "The IOTA Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work with enterprise leaders like ST to expand our mission of moving beyond blockchain with the world's first scalable, feeless and fully-decentralized DLT platform, partnered with the world's leading technology firms."