Intertech to Hold Automotive Design Workshop

January 09, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Intertech (Portland, ME) will be holding an intensive workshop entitled “Designing Motors and Generators for Automotive Applications" from May 22 through 23, 2001, at the Boscolo Hotel Plaza Concorde in Nice, France. This seminar will provide extensive detail on designing permanent magnets, switched reluctance, and synchronous and induction electric motors, including dc and brushless dc motors, starters, and starter-alternators.

Attendees of the Intertech conference will develop skills to assess the advantages and disadvantages of competing motor designs used for ICE, hybrid-electric, electric, and fuel cell vehicles, as well as for auxiliary motors used throughout the vehicle. New areas, such as 42V systems and finite element modeling will also be highlighted.

The workshop will also be held in Chicago, IL, on September 27 through 28, 2001. Requests for more information, or for a complete seminar brochure, may be directed to Kathleen Bloomer by e-mail at [email protected]