International Fuel Cells Delivers 200th PC25 Fuel Cell System

May 07, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

International Fuel Cells (IFC, South Windsor, CT), a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., delivered its 200th PC25 fuel cell system on April 26, 2000, in a ceremony at the company's headquarters. The 200th fuel cell system was formally turned over to Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo), which will use the unit in Japan.

Toshiba has also assisted in the marketing of IFC systems. The company has installed IFC systems at locations in Asia that include a brewery, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and a waste-water treatment plant, among others.

Compared with electricity generated from a typical combustion-based process in the US, each PC25 system saves more than 40,000 pounds of air pollutants and more than two-million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during each year of operation. Each PC25 system generates 200kW of electricity, enough to supply electricity for more than 100 average-sized homes, and more than 700,000Btu per hour of useable heat.