International Components Corp. Unveils In-Pack Charge Control for Battery Packs

March 13, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

International Components Corp. (ICC) announced that it has recently developed, optimized and patented an exclusive In-Pack Charge Control technology for battery packs. The new technology charges in the same manner as conventional chargers yet is specifically designed to use less power. In-Pack Charge Control works in conjunction with the battery’s safety circuitry to ensure proper charging conditions over the life of the battery pack.

The In-Pack Charge Control places the voltage and current regulation, charge termination, and safety mechanisms necessary for properly charging Li-Ion batteries into the battery pack itself. By removing charge circuitry from the host device, In-Pack software – not traditional hardware – allows electronics manufacturers to effectively free up valuable component space, thereby reducing overall product cost. Through ICC’s patented software algorithms, In-Pack Charge Control allows electronics designers to reduce PCBA area by eliminating the power section of the charger and its required heat dissipation hardware.

"Our goal was to introduce a much safer, cost-effective and controlled Lithium Ion charging solution," said Michael Davis, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. "In-Pack Charge Control is designed with on-board safety circuitry that continually monitors cell voltages and currents." According to Davis, this innovative self-monitoring will prevent charge or discharge if or when an unsafe condition occurs.

In-Pack Charge Control limits the charge current to a preset level (usually currents equal to 0.7°C) per the cell manufacturer’s recommendation. Charging at the proper rate helps to maximize cycle life and reduces stress on the cell. Moreover, In-Pack Charge Control is designed to consume very little power during operation, allows for charging without the host device, and greatly simplifies end-equipment use.