Honeywell Batteries Expands OEM Battery Pack Division

August 23, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Honeywell Batteries announced that it has expanded its OEM design and manufacturing operations for portable hand-held devices. Its capabilities now include what is claimed to be a unique modular battery charging system which is coordinated and designed with the battery pack. In addition, Honeywell announced that it has begun designing packs using its NEOCELLS.™ These are said to be unique Lithium Polymer batteries which are safer and more powerful than Lithium Ion, and can be manufactured in almost any shape.

Danny Rockett, Vice President of Manufacturing stated, "We currently have ten dedicated OEM battery pack assembly lines with duplicate capabilities for all of our manufacturing operations. This gives us the flexibility to provide small or large volume production. Our manufacturing capacity is now in excess of one million battery packs and several thousand battery chargers per month."

Honeywell Batteries Vice President Scott Benezra stated: "There are important benefits in sourcing both custom battery packs and battery chargers from the same designer and manufacturer. This includes elimination of the risk of inter-operation of battery chargers and battery packs, and simplified supply chain management. And by making our NEOCELLS™ available, we can give our customers a competitive advantage in the design of new products and also in upgrading their legacy products."

The Honeywell Batteries Systems approach to design are said to provide additional technical benefits. A tighter mechanical and electrical mating of battery pack and battery charger, enabling the battery charger design to complement the battery pack protection functions, and resulting in more effective battery pack protection circuitry. Access to the cell profiles of the pack allows for a more effective and efficient charger design.