Infineon Bringing eMobility, IoT, Security, and a Maker’s Corner to electronica

October 27, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Discover how at electronica 2018, from November 13 through 16. This year, you will find Infineon at a new stand position in hall C3, next to the northern entrance (Eingang Nord). At booth 502, you will have a chance to connect with experts, get inspired by the exhibits and explore the demos to see how Infineon is already shaping tomorrow's lifestyle with technologies for an easier, safer and greener future.

As populations around the globe continue to rise, the world urgently needs new and smart forms of mobility that integrate seamlessly into increasingly smart cities. Infineon is already seeing exciting breakthroughs in this area. Innovative flying taxi services are lifting off thanks to advances in drone technologies. Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAVs) are running on a much smaller carbon footprint.

And zero-carbon, self-driving cars are rapidly becoming a reality as eMobility, data security and autonomous driving technologies mature. None of these developments would be possible, however, without innovative semiconductor solutions.

As the world leader in power semiconductors and innovation leader in silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) technologies, Infineon is empowering the automotive industry to make cars that are safer, smarter and more climate-friendly. Infineon supports a broad application spectrum spanning zero-emissions eMobility solutions, smart city infrastructures that build renewables into intelligent recharging grids, and automated driving features where the driver becomes a passenger.

IoT and Big Data

In today's connected world, more and more devices, computers and machines are generating massive data streams. So too are the growing number of sensors that enable innovative artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as collaborative robots. The servers and data centers that manage this torrent of data are getting bigger and more powerful all the time, calling for more efficient and denser power supply solutions. Similarly, the chips that run AI algorithms are becoming more compact in the move to reduce computational and footprint requirements.

As the number one player in the power management market, Infineon's cutting-edge solutions for data centers, chargers and adapters fully leverage the performance gains of gallium nitride (GaN) for high-speed switching applications in consumer and industrial applications.


A growing number of "things" equipped with smart sensors and microchips are connecting to each other and to the Internet every day - from lights and fridges in smart homes through cars to machines and industrial equipment. All this connectivity presents huge convenience and productivity benefits - but also a growing number of security risks. Intelligent automation, energy management, lighting and aircon systems all need to be secured against unauthorized access and manipulation.

Market leader for hardware-based security solutions for the connected world, Infineon builds more power efficiency and security into smart devices, homes, vehicles, factories and even cities. Our end-to-end portfolio includes sensors, controllers, power semiconductors and hardware-based security solutions for reliable device authentication and trusted computing.

Maker's Corner

Bet you never imagined prototyping could be so easy - or so much fun! Visit Infineon and team up with experts to put motor control, lighting, sensor and power supply solutions to the test. Infineon will showcase a new flagship platform Infineon Solution Finder - an easy-to-use online tool for comparing and buying semiconductor products in an application context, visualized by block diagrams and supplemented with "digital twin" model simulations.

Tiny 2GO kits, shields for Arduino and much more await you. Or step into the future with Infineon Designer, the first zero-effort online digital prototyping environment with analog and digital reference circuits plus a schematic editor - the perfect proving ground for your creative skills. Try it for yourself at the Infineon booth and get a free kit. First come, first served!