Hydrogenics and Dow Develop Fuel Cell Technology

August 07, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Hydrogenics Corp. (Mississauga, ON) and Dow Corning Corp. (Midland, MI) announced the joint development of its fuel cell "Seal-in-Place" technology, which is being regarded as a breakthrough in the advancement of fuel cell commercialization. The process for sealing PEM fuel cell stacks, electrolyzers and membrane electrode assemblies substantially reduces stack assembly time and labor costs by eliminating the need to individually seal each stack component.

"This sealing technology represents a potential breakthrough in the advancement of fuel cell commercialization," stated Joe Cargnelli, vice president, technology, and co-founder of Hydrogenics. "We believe this technology will allow stack and system developers to achieve important cost reductions in fuel cell production. We also expect that the adoption of Seal-in-Place technology will lead to continuing improvements in stack performance and manufacturing processes."