Honda Leases FCX Fuel Cell Car to First Private Consumers

June 30, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Honda Motor Corp. (Japan) reported that its next-generation, environmentally friendly, FCX fuel cell car has been leased to a family in Los Angeles, marking the first time regular consumers have been able to regularly use the new type of vehicle. The hydrogen-powered car, which seats four, is being leased to the Spallino family in California. The cost of the two-year lease is $500 per month.

Jon Spallino was a customer of Honda in the past, and he was selected to use the vehicle because of his interest in environmental problems. He said the car would be used for traveling to work and in family outings. Spallino will fill up on hydrogen fuel at a Honda research facility near his home. The cost to fully refuel the car has been set low, at $7.50. The 3.5 kg of fuel allows the car to run for about 300 km.