Greenvolt Power Prepares Fuel Cell Power Plant for Delivery

June 21, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Greenvolt Power Corp. (Canada) is preparing the GVLT/PAFC-200, a 200kW phosphoric-acid fuel cell (PAFC) power plant, for delivery in July 2001. The 30-ton unit, fueled by natural gas and air, is designed as a stationary, independent power plant with sufficient power and heat output to supply approximately 20 homes, 3,000sqft each, with electricity and heat on a daily, year-round basis.

The GVLT/PAFC-200 operates at an overall efficiency of approximately 80 percent, delivering electricity and heat on a fifty-fifty basis. Its maximum net continuous electrical power-output capability is 200kW/235kVA at ambient temperatures of -20 to 110 degrees F at up to 500ft. above sea level. The natural gas can be supplied at normal house-delivery pressure. The power plant is fully automated, self-contained, and housed for outdoor installation. It runs for approximately 30,000 continuous hours (about 7 to 10 years) before a stack replacement and requires infrequent checks to ensure reliable operation.

“If reduced pollution and lower power-production costs are our immediate objective, the competitively priced and energy-efficient GVLT/PAFC-200 is unquestionably the way to go,” commented Thomas Faul, president and CEO of the company. Faul added that three separate parties have expressed interest in the GVLT/PAFC-200 and said that a decision will be made in 30 days as to which will be the recipient.