GMEC and TXU Announce Brazos Wind Farm

August 05, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Green Mountain Energy Co. (GMEC, Austin, TX) announced a project with TXU Energy (Dallas, TX) that will increase renewable wind energy in Texas by 160MW by December 31, 2003. The Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm at Brazos is being developed by Cielo Wind Power LLC (Austin, TX) and Orion Energy LLC of (Oakland, CA). TXU Energy and Green Mountain Energy have entered into an agreement to purchase 100% of the wind output from the project.

Shell WindEnergy, a subsidiary of Shell Renewables, and Padoma Resources I Inc., a subsidiary of Padoma Wind Power LLC, acquired the project in July 2003, prior to construction and jointly own the wind farm. Shell WindEnergy will be the operator. The wind farm will consist of 160 1MW Mitsubishi wind generators. Each turbine is approximately 230ft tall, weighs 370,000lbs and produces zero emissions. The project will generate energy to power 30,000 average Texas homes per year.