GE WattStation Charger Reportedly Causing Problems for Some Nissan LEAFs

July 18, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Due to reports that its WattStation home charger had damaged the on-board charging system of some Nissan LEAF vehicles, G.E. Energy has released a statement admitting that some LEAF owners had encountered problems. The company stated that they were "actively working with Nissan to help determine the source of this issue." As it stands, this issue seems to only have affected the all-electric Nissan LEAF (11 reported cases) and no other electric vehicle models.

Reportedly, at least one Nissan dealership had sent an e-mail to LEAF customers, warning them to stop using the WattStation charger. The message said that Nissan had documented incidents of the WattStation charger damaging LEAF charging systems.

According to spokeswoman Katherine Zachary for Nissan North America, "There’s no official Nissan policy instructing customers not to use G.E. WattStations."