EU Fuel Cell Projects Gaining Momentum

October 15, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Hy-Hybrid Energy- Scotland (Glasgow) based fuel cell services provider has recently been contacted to lead major EU projects in automotive fuel cells, in particular for cars and buses, and discussions are ongoing for other projects including with with a major OEM in aviation sector.

Earlier this year, Hy-Hybrid Energy's founder and CEO, Dr. Naveed Akhtar has been contacted for supporting a German OEM's project for the technology development in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Dr. Akhtar's extensive background in high-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells while working at German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart and The Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research at the University of Birmingham was the perfect match for the German Partner to work with Dr. Akhtar.

In August this year, Hy-Hybrid Energy entered into a joint agreement with GOLDI Mobility Kft- a Hungarian based manufacturing Company for the development and assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrain for their next generation buses.

During the project execution, Hy-Hybrid Energy will provide services related to the selection and testing of complete electric drivetrain including, fuel cell stack, battery/supercapacitor, electric motor, inverter, hydrogen cylinders, air and cooling supply system, dc-dc converter and energy management control.

In May of this year, the Company announced a cooperation with Climate Technology Center / CTC BONN, Germany for the product development, marketing and sales of Fuel Cell Mobile Generator. Easy to operate, automatic and self-contained. Powered by a fuel cell, the portable power generator provides electricity, heat and water. Zero pollution means the generator can be used in environmentally sensitive areas such as forests and nature parks. No noise or vibration means that the generator is ideally suited for outdoor exhibitions and operation at night in built up areas.

In April this year, Hy-Hybrid Energy entered a cooperation with Climate Technology Center / CTC BONN, Germany. The project’s aim is to develop and build Hydra water buses e-25 for 25 passengers and to distribute them in all EU countries within the framework of the EU's climate protection target 2030.

"These projects clearly demonstrate that both low and high temperature fuel cell technology have a place in the automotive sector as well as other areas, it is very important to select the right one with respect to particular application and scale size. It is not that far that you will see both technologies working together even in one application," commented Dr. Akhtar.

Dr. Akhtar is working on hydrogen and fuel cells since 2001 and has gained extensive experience in various types of fuel cells while working in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Japan and UK.

Hy-Hybrid Energy provides services in clean energy technologies, including but not limited to fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage and renewable energy. Hy-Hybrid Energy’s CEO, Dr. Naveed Akhtar has worked on fuel cell technology at world renowned institutions, adding depth of knowledge from various fuel cell types. Hy-Hybrid Energy works with leading players in the hydrogen and fuel cell field and supports both low and high temperature fuel cell deployments.