Emerson Network Power Acquires Cooligy

December 15, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power has completed the acquisition of Cooligy Inc., a developer and manufacturer of active cooling technology for microprocessors and other heat-generating components. Cooligy adds fluid-based, chip-level cooling technology to Emerson Network Power's family of Liebert cooling solutions, which provide room and rack-level precision cooling for mission-critical equipment.

"Our cooling solutions are helping users adapt to increasing heat at the room and rack level, while Cooligy is helping manufacturers push processing speeds and power upward," said Bob Bauer, group vice president, Emerson. "Together we enable faster, more powerful processors operating safely and efficiently in higher-density racks and rooms."

Cooligy's unique and proven closed-loop active cooling technology provides the low thermal resistance and high reliability solutions for cooling advanced CPUs, ASICS, graphics chips, and large programmable gate arrays. The technology is also enabling the use of high brightness LED's for consumer electronics.

"Cooligy's system design is the most efficient and cost effective way to provide cooling for tomorrow's high speed processors," said Bauer. "Some of our customers are already planning for the next generation of servers and we believe this technology will play a key role in helping them effectively manage the heat from those systems."

"I believe we found the best partner to help us achieve the full potential of this technology," said Mark Munch, CEO of Cooligy. "Emerson has a solid reputation for bringing technology and engineering together to create solutions for the benefit of customers, which is exactly what our solutions do. In addition, Emerson's global reach gives us access to new markets."