Emerge Alliance Introduces First Registered Products for DC Power Distribution in Commercial Buildings

November 15, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

The EMerge Alliance – an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe dc power distribution standards for commercial buildings – announced the first set of 26 EMerge Alliance Registered products.

According to EMerge Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson, the growing support for dc power and the introduction of Registered products provides real solutions for more sustainable and flexible buildings via efficient dc power distribution.

"By evaluating and registering products for compliance to EMerge Alliance standards, the Alliance and its members are delivering opportunities for commercial buildings, both new construction and renovation, to be more energy efficient and sustainable," said Patterson. "These products deliver on the Alliance’s promise of safe, flexible, easy-to-use dc power for rooms so building owners and specifiers can choose them with confidence. We’ve taken another important step in making energy efficient dc power systems available in the market."

The following products have been Registered as compliant with the EMerge Alliance 24Vdc power room-level standard, that integrates interior power, infrastructures, controls and peripherals into a microgrid platform to facilitate the hybrid use of ac and dc power in commercial interiors. They will be branded as EMerge Alliance Registered to indicate interoperability in this power distribution system.

Armstrong World Industries: DC FlexZone™ Silhouette® Grid (Infrastructure) and DC FlexZone Suprafine® Grid.

Cooper Lighting: Metalux Ovation 2RDI Luminaires (Peripherals) and Metalux Accord 2AC Luminaires.

Finelite Lighting: HPR 2 x 2 Luminaires (Peripherals); HPR 2 x 4 Luminaires; and Series 12 Direct/Indirect Luminare).

Lunera Lighting: 2200E Series 2 x 2 Grid Lay-In Fixture (Peripherals).

Nextek Power Systems: Fluorescent Ballasts, T8 32W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim (Peripherals); T8 32W 2-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; T8 17W 2-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; T5 24W HO 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; T5 54W HO 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; T5 28W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; T5 28W 2-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; Biax 40W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; CFL Ballasts, 13W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; 18W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; 26W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; CFL Ballast, 32/42W 1-Lamp, 0-10 Dim; Server Modules – Model 1600-C2 DC Power Supply (Power); and Model 1600-C2-24V AUX DC Power Supply.

Tyco Electronics: Power Feed Cable Assembly (Infrastructure); Bus Bar to Bus Bar Cable Assembly; Load Cable Assembly; and Internal Bus Bar Connector.

Additional products from Cooper Lighting, Nextek Power Systems, Northwire, OSRAM SYLVANIA, and ROAL Electronics have been submitted to the Alliance’s Registration and Evaluation program.