ECOtality’s Innergy Power To Develop & Manufacture Battery Systems For Electric Vehicle Applications

June 16, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

ECOtality, Inc. announced immediate plans for its subsidiary, Innergy Power Corp., to develop and manufacture advanced battery systems for electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) applications. Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. (eTec), also a subsidiary of ECOtality, will provide Innergy Power with its Advanced Charge Management (ACM) technology that optimizes battery performance for fast-charging with the eTec Minit-Charger fast-charge systems and provides real-time battery condition information for users.

"With eTec’s extensive knowledge of electric vehicles, advanced batteries, and fast-charge systems, combined with Innergy Power’s ability to increase their battery manufacturing capacity, the move to develop and manufacture electric vehicle battery systems is a natural evolution of the synergies amongst our subsidiaries," said Jonathan Read, President and CEO, ECOtality. "As the transportation industry shifts to EV and PHEV technologies, we see a tremendous market opportunity to provide fast charging stations and battery systems that can make electric transportation cost-effective, convenient and practical."

The Innergy Power battery systems will be designed with eTec’s Advanced Charge Management technology that maximizes fast-charging capabilities and provides dual communication capabilities between the battery and the charging station to provide instant feedback to users about the state-of-charge, battery charging history and overall battery condition. Specifically designed for eTec Minit-Charger systems, Innergy Power’s battery systems will feature optimized fast-charging capabilities to enable an EV or PHEV to be charged in 10 to 15 minutes while eliminating the risks of overcharging and extending overall battery life. While Innergy Power’s advanced battery systems can be recharged overnight using standard 120V outlets, the ACM technology enhances fast charging capabilities to greatly reduce recharging time and provides an easy and convenient solution for recharging an EV or PHEV while on the go. Innergy Power will be custom designing these battery systems for use in various electric transportation applications including full-sized electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, neighborhood electric vehicles, electric scooters and electric bikes.

"Our ability to significantly increase our battery production capabilities at our Tijuana, Mexico facility allows us to immediately capitalize upon the increasing demand for battery systems for hybrids, EVs and PHEVs," stated Darrell Musick, President and CEO, Innergy Power. "By increasing our battery manufacturing for electric transportation applications, we will greatly benefit from eTec’s expertise and are poised for instant growth in expanding markets that will enhance our bottom line."