Ebara Ballard Delivers Stationary Fuel Cell Generator

April 25, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Ebara Ballard Corp. (Tokyo, Japan), a joint venture between EBARA Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) and Ballard Power Systems Inc. (Vancouver, BC), unveiled its advanced, pre-commercial, 1 kW combined heat and power, proton-exchange membrane (PEM) stationary fuel cell generator for the Japanese residential market, building upon the first-generation, pre-commercial generator unveiled in January 2003. Field trials are currently underway at 17 customer sites, including residential housing and laboratory applications, with gas and electric utilities as well as government agencies.

The fuel cell generator, utilizing a reformer based on technology licensed from Tokyo Gas, has an electrical efficiency of 35 percent and a strong combined overall efficiency (heat and electricity) of 93 percent lower heating value, which is the total amount of energy released when a fuel is completely consumed and the water produced is in vapor form. The combined heat and power fuel cell systems are also in alignment with the energy policies of the Japanese government, including the Kyoto Protocol and the development of new alternate energy sources.