Digital Power Forum 2006 Schedule is Finalized

September 07, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

The schedule of topics and papers for the 2006 Digital Power Forum (DPF '06) in Richardson, Texas (September 18 -20) have been finalized. One of DPF's most anticipated features is expected to be the Plenary Session papers being delivered by some of the top executives in the power electronics industry.

Among the First Plenary Session's (September 18) papers are Ron Van Dell's (CEO and President - Primarion) "Digital Power Management: Changing the Value Ecosystem," which addresses the issue of moving the discussion of "digital" beyond whether it is "better" than analog to "what are possibilities beyond power conversion and management." Dave Douglas's (VP, Eco Responsibility - Sun Microsystems) "How Green Can IT Be?" discusses the "green opportunities" for servers in the data center.

The other papers to be presented at the First Plenary Session are:"Digital Capabilities for Power Management" by Geoff Potter (VP, DC-DC Advanced Technology Systems Engineering - Astec/Emerson); "Digital, Analog and Power - Making the Most of the Platform Approach" by David Tam (VP - International Rectifier); and "Efficient Power Delivery: The Digital Migration" by Thomas Macdonald (VP, Advanced Chipset and Platform Division - Intel).

The Second Plenary Session (September 19) will include Andrew Nebbs' (Principal and Electrical Engineer - EYP Mission Critical Facilities) "Data Center Technical Trends" which discusses, among other topics, the assorted issues of system reliability. Other papers in this session will be: "Defining Data Center Best Practices - Status Report from Industry" by Bruce Shaw (Director, Worldwide Commercial and Enterprise Marketing - AMD); and "Digitization of Power - From Battery Management to Rectifiers" by Dave Heacock (VP - Texas Instruments).

Another of the highlights of DPF '06 will be the roundtable discussion of "When Will the Switchover to Digital Take Place?" on September 18. This interchange will be Chaired by Ramesh Misra (Senior Analyst, Broadline Semiconductors - C.E. Unterberg, Towbin), and will include Dan Artusi (Chairman and CEO - Coldwatt), Steve Bakota (Manager, Digital Power, Texas Instruments - PMBus® Organization), Laurence McGarry (Marketing Manager - Analog Devices), Deepak Savadatti (VP Marketing - Primarion), Jim Templeton (Founder and VP - Zilker Labs), and Milan Jovanovic (VP Research Development - Delta Products Corp.).

DPF '06 is a three-day international conference that will serve an audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements and anticipated future developments related to digital power management in electronic systems and the use of digital control techniques in power converters. Delegates will have an opportunity to meet and talk with top executives and technical professionals of leading electronic equipment companies, as well as key technical and management professionals in the power conversion and semiconductor industries.