Digi X-Grid Solution Offers Utilities Expanded Customer Engagement Opportunities with Itron ERT-enabled Homes

October 19, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Itron ERT meters can now connect instantly to the Smart Grid with Digi International’s new ERT/Ethernet Gateway and ERT/Smart Energy Bridge. The products enable easy online access to gas, water, and electric metering data for Itron’s widely deployed ERT meters. And with Digi X-Grid™ utilities can leverage the data to offer a range of energy management services. The Digi X-Grid solution is an "Extended Grid" that allows utilities to inform, empower and engage customers through real-time, IP-based monitoring and control of energy devices that exist beyond the electric meter.

"These products leverage a utility’s investment in ERT deployments by enabling ERT meters to play a vital role toward a smarter grid,™ said Larry Kraft, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Digi International. "Utilities can now offer ERT metering customers a greater range of services that drive reliability, efficiency and energy savings. We look forward to partnering with Itron to empower ERT metering customers with greater access to energy usage information."

"Digi, a leader in smart energy networking solutions, offers the complimentary products our customers are looking for," said Larry Eggleston, Director, Product Marketing, Itron. "These solutions provide our ChoiceConnect™ customers with a variety of options to easily access up-to-date energy usage data, enabling them to become more energy efficient. This is a terrific example of Itron’s ability to persistently deliver value and choices to our customers while providing the ability to leverage existing assets to meet expanding market needs."

Digi ERT products enable utilities to offer a broad range of demand-side management services with or without a Smart Meter (AMI) network in place. The products extend the grid into a utility’s customers’ homes supporting a full-range of Smart Energy thermostats, appliances and Smart Energy home area network (HAN) devices. Digi ERT products are ERT certified by Itron and support all ERT "bubble-up" utility meters.

As part of the Digi X-Grid solution, the Web-services interface is available to any application provider. Therefore ERT metering information can be collected and presented by a wide range of existing Digi X-Grid application providers allowing utility companies to add new software partners as needed. Digi X-Grid solutions leverage Digi’s line of Smart Energy gateways, XBee ZigBee modules and iDigi platform™ to make it easy to connect directly to home energy devices.