Delta’s 240V/30A EV AC Charger Taiwan’s First to Receive UL Certification

April 10, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Group announced that its 240V/30A AC Level 2 EV charger product is Taiwan’s first to obtain UL2594 certification, a mandatory requirement for building EV charging stations in North America. Delta’s new AC charger, in conjunction with a new-generation on-board charger, can complete the charging process in 3 to 4 hours, reducing charging time by 50%. Through standard consultation service and testing technology support from UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global leader in product safety testing and certification, Delta successfully obtained UL certification to become the first Taiwan-based company able to launch into the North American EV charger market.

According to Dr. Herman Chang, GM of Delta’s Charging and Microgrid Solutions Business Unit, “Based on Delta’s advanced power management core technologies, we have successfully developed both normal AC and quick DC chargers with smart features along with the Delta Site Management System (SMS). Recently, Delta has successively delivered highly efficient, safe and convenient EV charging solutions in Taiwan, Thailand and Norway. With the new product having passed UL certification in America, it has proved that Delta’s products conform to various safety considerations in terms of installation and usage. This momentum has ensured our success in venturing into the North American market.”

Delta’s EV AC charger features an ergonomic design, robust 3R ingress protection and IK8 vandal-proof casing; it can either be wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted, making it flexible for different environments. In conjunction with SMS, the user is not only able to manage the charging station efficiently, he/she can also check the charging status at any time. At the same time, the integrated delay timer can let the user take advantage of off-peak hours to charge electric vehicles at a lower price to reduce electricity expenses. Delta’s AC charger also features an RFID card reader for user authentication, helping the user to optimize charging facility management.

According to Ralph Tang, GM of UL Taiwan, “Electric powered products must take safety into consideration to avoid risk such as electric current leakage and electric shock. For Taiwanese EV charging product companies, the most difficult tasks are how to reliably prevent the human body from electric shock and how to deal with vehicle communication problems. In addition to its purpose as a general safety guideline, UL2594 also applies UL2231 standards with regard to human body electric shock prevention and various safety requirements. At the same time, electric shock prevention must rely on product software control and hardware design. Software safety control must attain a certain degree of reliability. Today, Delta has passed rigorous tests to obtain UL certification, proving Taiwan-based companies’ R&D capabilities can compete in the global market.”