Accelrate Battery Charger Line Receives UL Certification

September 28, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

AccelRate Power Systems (Vancouver, BC, Canada), a developer of rapid battery chargers for industrial, portable, and transportation applications, announced that its complete line of chargers for the industrial materials handling market has received Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification. As a result of UL certification, AccelRate Smart Charger (SC) models ranging from 180 Ah to 500 Ah, are now in full production and will be shipped to distributors. This will then allow delivery to end-use customers.

The SC models can return a discharged lead-acid battery to a full state-of-charge in two hours – five times faster than conventional technology; prevent damage to the battery through improved heat management; automatically detect and adjust to battery voltage, capacity, condition, and state-of-charge; adapt to battery inventories regardless of age; and provide reduced energy use and capital equipment costs.

"The AccelRate® Smart Charger is billed as the perfect solution for multi-shift industrial operations as they can radically reduce their capital and operating expenses," said AccelRate President and CEO Reimar Koch. "Using AccelRate® SC products, the initial battery purchase outlay would be decreased, battery handling steps would be cut, as would the amount of valuable space required to house additional backup batteries and chargers. Battery life would also be maximized, and maintenance and emissions lowered."