Delta Electronics’ Board of Directors Approves 2006 Profit Distribution

March 21, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Electronics, Inc. announced that it has approved its 2006 financial results, and has issued a proposal recommending distribution of 2006 profit. The consolidated audited 2006 sales revenues were NT$105,216,037,000, net income after tax was NT$11,330,841,000, and earnings per share were NT$5.76.

The 2006 earnings distribution approved by the Board of Directors is as follows: (1) cash dividend per share – NT$ 4.5; (2) Stock dividend per share – total NT$0.5, NT$0.1 in stock dividend from retained earnings to capital, and NT$0.4 per share from capital reserve; (3) Employee bonus – stocks bonus of NT$385,000,000 and cash bonus of NT$192,500,000; (4) Directors’ and Supervisors’ compensation – NT$16,700,000.