CUI to Demonstrate Ericsson Footprint-Compatible Digital Power Modules at Darnell’s Power Forum

September 21, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

CUI Inc. will demonstrate their latest digital point of load dc-dc modules at Darnell’s Power Forum in San Jose which runs September 26th~28th. The modules are the most recent addition from CUI’s Novum Advanced Power™ division, which focuses solely on the design and development next-generation power platforms. The NDM2 series modules are pin and function compatible with Ericsson Power Module’s BMR64X series and will initially be available in 12, 25, and 50A configurations. Features include programmable output, active current sharing, adjustable compensation settings, voltage sequencing, and voltage tracking. Additionally, the modules are footprint nested, supporting easing transition of dual layout needs.

The Novum NDM2 series is the first to be designed by CUI as part of the Ericsson cooperation announced in July. The agreement formalizes a plan between the two companies to offer a multi-source digital POL platform based on the BMR46X series, with future plans to co-develop modules outside the existing range of 12~50A.

"We are extremely excited to showcase our first modules based on the multi-source platform agreement with Ericsson," said Mark Adams, CUI’s VP of Advanced Power Marketing. "Given the growing challenge associated with interoperability between discrete ICs and modules in the digital power space, we strongly believe that a multi-source solution will provide the most value to our customers as they work on their next generation designs."