Critical Power Supplies and Racktivity Announce Strategic Partnership

May 22, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

In a newly formed partnership, Critical Power Supplies and Racktivity will deliver energy and environment management solutions to data centers (DCs) and telecommunications providers across the United Kingdom.

Over the past two decades, data center power use has risen from an average of 1kW per rack to as much as 20-30kW/rack in high-end environments. The need for energy and environment management in these domains is as much about saving capital and operating expenditure and optimizing uptime as it is about addressing ’green’ initiatives through using less energy.

Racktivity is a specialist in next-generation energy management software, smart power distribution and environmental sensor technology and Critical Power Supplies is a specialist, multi-vendor reseller of critical power and energy management solutions.

"Data centre efficiency is not something our customers pay lip service to," explains Jason Koffler, managing director of Critical Power Supplies, "it’s a serious element of managing any DC business these days – and particularly for telecom operators as they are in a heavily regulated industry. Racktivity’s products are leading-edge and bring about real, tangible results for customers in helping reduce and optimise energy use, maintain a centre-wide environment and demonstrate to their customers and applicable authorities that they are doing so."

Critical Power Supplies will offer the complete Racktivity portfolio, which includes Racktivity’s Data Center Performance Management system (DCPM); the only distributed software solution to manage hundreds and thousands of multi-vendor PDUs as a single system. Racktivity’s EnergySwitch series of next-generation Power Distribution Units, featuring an operating system that delivers the highest degree of granular real-time power quality metrics. The range is complemented by the Racktivity EnergySensor providing a set of monitoring features including temperature, humidity and motion sensing alongside leak detection under raised floors and dry contact for rack door intrusion. The range also includes Racktivity’s newest product: the DC2Sensor, monitoring dc Power. The blend of ac and dc monitoring in one system is particularly attractive to telecom operators and broadband service providers managing a mix of centralised data centres and a multitude of remote infrastructures such as PoPs, base stations, optical nodes, amplifiers and so on.

Hans Witdouck, CEO for Racktivity: "We will be working closely alongside Critical Power Supplies to bring the benefits of our technology to its existing and prospective clients through technical assistance, education and by raising awareness of the benefits Racktivity brings for customers across the United Kingdom."

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