Cornell Dubilier Acquires Capacitor Division from NWL

January 15, 2021 by Shannon Cuthrell

CD Snow Hill, a subsidiary of South Carolina-based Cornell Dubilier Electronics, is acquiring a capacitor plant from NWL to expand its product portfolio.

South Carolina-based Cornell Dubilier Electronics, a manufacturer of capacitors for power electronics applications, is acquiring the capacitor division of NWL through its CD Snow Hill subsidiary. Through the deal, Cornell Dubilier Electronics (or CDE) will take over operations at NWL’s capacitor operations in Snow Hill, North Carolina, enabling NWL to focus on its remaining business sectors in transformers, electrostatic precipitators and power supplies. 

The acquisition allows CDE to expand its existing portfolio of high-voltage film capacitors for pulsed power and power conversion applications in the industrial, military and medical markets. The company touts its portfolio of high-voltage DC and AC film capacitors as among the most extensive lineups of its kind, adding to CDE’s aluminum electrolytic, film, mica and supercapacitor solutions.

Image courtesy of Cornell Dubilier
Image courtesy of Cornell Dubilier


In a press release, Cornell Dubilier Electronics CEO Jim Kaplan stated that NWL is a longtime industry leader in designing and manufacturing high-voltage AC and DC film capacitors for emerging applications with high growth potential. 

“This acquisition greatly expands our capabilities in custom capacitors needed for high-power lasers, military propulsion systems, inverters and more,” Kaplan added.

Newly merged CDE and NWL products include high energy storage and pulse discharge capacitors; DC continuous voltage, input filtering and DC link capacitors; AC voltage, resonant tank and harmonic filtering capacitors; and snubber protection, clamping and commutation capacitors. 

The facility in Snow Hill, North Carolina, is one of two capacitor plants owned by NWL, the other located in Riviera Beach, Florida. The company produces power supplies and transformers at its headquarters in Bordentown, New Jersey. In Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, NWL’s joint venture company, NWL Pacific, manufactures and distributes precipitator power supplies and other equipment. 

As a result of the acquisition, employees in NWL’s former Snow Hill plant will now be employed by Cornell Dubilier. The plant is located approximately 360 miles (or about 5 hours and 40 minutes by car) southwest of CDE’s headquarters in Liberty, South Carolina.