Chinese Auto Manufacturer Exports First Production Electric Vehicle to US

August 08, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Co., Ltd., a Chinese auto manufacturer, will export vehicles to the United States via the distribution network of ZAP. The Chinese autos, called XEBRA's, are claimed to be the first electric vehicles designed specifically for the American market by a Chinese manufacturer. Jindalu has already shipped 100 vehicles to ZAP in California, but has the capacity to produce 1,000 units per month. The XEBRA was developed and designed jointly with ZAP, which has an exclusive ten-year North American distribution contract with Jindalu to market the vehicles through the ZAP chain of sales and service centers.

Gary Starr, ZAP Chairman, stated, "The response has been extremely positive. All of the dealers have sold out their initial inventory and are reordering. In a time of record high gas prices, we are working to profit from this growth market."

ZAP is hoping that the small XEBRAs find a unique niche in the United States market – where large cars are the norm – with exotic features such as zebra stripes and bright colors. The XEBRA is so small that it can park two cars to one standard-sized parking place. The electric vehicle also meets all U.S. Department of Transportation standards and is fully Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV). ZAP plans on marketing the XEBRA as a second or third car for American families, as well as to government and corporate fleets.