Chilicon Microinverter Granted Rule-21 UL 1741 SA Smart Inverter Certification

May 21, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Chilicon Power announced today that the company's new CP-720 is compliant with the smart grid requirements in California (UL 1741 SA/Rule 21). Along with the CP-250E, the CP-720 is the only US manufactured grid-support compliant inverter.

A twin inverter, the CP-720 outputs 720 continuous watts of power and is compatible with 60, 72, and 96 cell modules. Per 1741SA it can supply leading or lagging reactive VAr on demand, and is capable of riding-through grid frequency and voltage anomalies in order to assist the grid in maintaining stability.

Designed for both commercial and residential applications, the CP-720 provides significant cost savings compared to single microinverters, along with increased efficiency.  This powerful micro uses series (60 and 72 cell) or parallel (96 cell) inputs of two modules providing single SKU compatibility for all common module types.

UL 1741 SA is a standard that lays out the manufacturing and product testing requirements with the goal of producing inverters more capable of riding through grid excursions or even actively managing grid reliability functions.

Rule 21 is a tariff that describes the interconnection, operating and metering requirements for generation facilities to be connected to a utility's distribution system, over which the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has jurisdiction. In other words, Rule 21 lays out the specific parameter settings to be used with the test methods of UL 1741 SA in the state of California.