Beacon Power Updates Production & Deployment Status Of Flywheel Frequency Regulation Plants

March 03, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Beacon Power Corp. has announced progress on its 2008 production and business objectives, including an updated implementation schedule for the company’s first frequency regulation plants.

Beacon recently completed the first phase of its manufacturing facility build-out in its new facility in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, which will allow production of up to 600 flywheels per year. The company has plans for a phase two build-out, with an annual production capacity exceeding 1,000 units.

Beacon has been working with its expanding supplier base to complete the initial production run of Smart Energy 25 flywheel units. Initial components were received from suppliers that have been adapting their production processes to meet Beacon’s component requirements. Following extensive inspection and qualification testing it was determined that certain vendor-supplied components did not meet specifications. Beacon continues to work closely with its suppliers to refine their manufacturing processes and ensure quality results.