Ballard, Osaka Gas and EBARA Advance Relationship

July 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (Vancouver, BC) announced that its subsidiary, Ballard Generation Systems, has signed a two-year agreement with Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. (Japan), EBARA BALLARD and EBARA Corp. (Japan) to develop a 1kW cogeneration stationary proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system, comprised of a Ballard® fuel cell and an EBARA BALLARD system using Osaka Gas' fuel-processing technology. Ballard Generation Systems and EBARA BALLARD also signed a license agreement to use Osaka Gas' fuel-processing technology worldwide for PEM fuel cell systems that are 10kW or less.

"This advanced relationship shows our progress toward the goal of commercializing residential fuel cell power generation technology in a number of markets in Japan," said Mike Murry, Ballard vice president and general manager of the Power Generation Division. "Ballard’s work with Osaka Gas complements our other development activities in Japan and expands our exposure in that market. It also allows us access to Osaka Gas’ world-class fuel-processing technology."